Cold plate

100 g Smoked salmon with arugula leaves, toast, butter, lemon 169,-
180 g Prague ham, cucumber, butter 140,-
200 g Cheese plate (emental and camembert type), butter 160,-
1x Marinaded Camembert   80,-



Potato soup   69,-
Goulash soup with beef   69,-


Typical Czech

Typical roast pork meat with cabbage, Boh.dumplings 189,-
Fillet of beef with cream sauce, Bohemian dumplings 189,-
Brewery goulash, beef meat, potato pancakes 189,-
1/4 Roast duck with cabbage, Bohemian dumplings 240,-
250 g Roast rabbit leg with red wine sauce, Bohemian dumplings 270,-
500 g Roast pork knee – boneless, mustard 249,-
500 g Roast pork ribs, mustard 240,-



1x Grilled sausage, dollar chips 149,-
200 g Grilled chicken breast steak, fresh salad, herb dip 199,-
200 g Chicken skewer with bacon, fresh salad, herb dip 199,-
200 g Grilled pork chop steak, fresh salad, herb dip 199,-
200 g Beef rump steak, fresh salad, herb dip 259,-
300 g Beef skewer with bacon, fresh salad, herb dip 299,-


Sauces for steaks

Pepper sauce   39,-
Sour cream with garlic and chives   39,-


Vegetarian dishes

Fried Edam cheese, french fries, tartar sauce 170,-
Fried Camembert style cheese, french fries, tartar sauce 170,-
Fetucini pesto, parmesan cheese 170,-
French Fries with ketchup   75,-



Salad with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, pesto 170,-
Salad with parmesan cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing 170,-
Salad with grilled chicken breast, cucumber, tomatoes, dressing 199,-
Salad with smoked salmon, cucumber, tomatoes, dressing 199,-
Small vegetables salad   80,-



French Fries   45,-
Dollar chips   45,-
Mashed potatoes with leek and cream   59,-
Potato pancake   50.-
Boiled potato   45,-
Rice   45,-
Bohemian dumplings   39,-
Tartar sauce   25,-
Barbecue sauce   25,-
Sweet chilli sauce   25,-
Herb dip   25,-



Hot apple roll vanilla ice cream, cream   65,-
Honey cake   75,-
Banana SPLIT, banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, cream   95,-
Hot love- hot raspberryes, vanilla ice cream, cream   95,-

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